Your wedding day will be filled with emotion, laughter and fun! Your wedding photographer is your storyteller. He must capture the spirit of the day; those who laugh, cry and celebrate with you. Rick's cinematic wedding photography will preserve that spirit in a collection of photographs that will help you relive the happiness of your special day.


Photographing emotion requires stripping away external distractions and focusing on the love that is shown between the bride and groom with a simple glance, touch or a smile. These moments are fleeting and require a skilled professional photographer to anticipate and capture them.


“Beautiful lighting is the interplay of light and shadow. The graceful line of a bride’s veil or the detail of her gown are best realized by using well placed shadows. Light allows us to clearly see something, but shadows often reveal its’ beauty. Every shot I take begins with light and how I’ll use it. The origin of the word photography is Greek and literally means light writing.”

Rick Pennington

Rick’s artistic “paint with light” style is just one reason he is in such great demand.


Your wedding is unique because of a thousand choices you make that reflect your personalities and love for each other. The dress of your dreams, the flowers that frame the day, a “something borrowed, something blue”, that is only for you. All of the beauty, style and joy of your day will be captured forever.

“My gift is that I’ve always been able to see the picture as the action unfolds. I take in the whole scene and break it into a sequence of images that tell the complete story.”

Rick Pennington


Wedding photography is the single opportunity to preserve one the most important moments in a couple’s life. Every photograph from your wedding will be a memory that flows over you each time you look at it.

Wedding Photography

Modern wedding photography is an art. It should capture not only the emotion and beauty of your marriage but also the warmth and support from all that attend. Whether your wedding is large or small, as your wedding photographer Rick will blend technical and artistic skill to produce a beautiful and unique visual story of your big day.

“I prefer a natural photojournalistic approach to wedding photography. Of course I shoot the historical posed pictures of the family and wedding party, but I’m mainly focused on catching the true emotion of the day... the bittersweet eyes of a father giving away his daughter, a bride’s joy as she walks the aisle toward her new husband or a grandmother’s pride as she watches another generation come of age."

Rick Pennington

Portrait Photography

A portrait photographer that connects with his subjects captures not just a good image but also their personality. A professional and relaxed personal style will quickly dissolve any self conscience feelings you have in front of a camera, so the real you is revealed.

“By the end of a sitting my clients are often not the same reluctant people that started the session. As we get to know each other and build trust they relax, many even suggest shot ideas they would never have considered when we began. It’s always rewarding as a professional photographer to make that connection with someone.”

Rick Pennington

Equestrian Photography

“My daughter shared her love of horses with me and it was a natural progression for me to see their beauty through my photographers eye. Equestrian photography has become a large part of who I am and my pictures reflect the strength and beauty of not only the horses but those who ride and care for them with love.”

Rick Pennington